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Our product line Professional provides a perfect packaging solution for the food industry as well as for the wholesale traditional work in the service of the catering industry.

Aluminium foil manufacturers

Aluminium products are broadly used in food industry, in catering and especially in millions of home kitchens! They are an important support for many everyday activities in kitchens, which is why every year tons of containers and aluminium foil are consumed all over the world. Such products should require many aluminium foil manufacturers in the global market, in reality there are few benchmarks in this sector and Contital, with its international distribution network, is certainly one of them. Contital is a leader in the market for aluminium foil manufacturers with over twenty years of experience and success in Italy and abroad. Our numbers speak for us: today Contital exports its aluminium products in 40 countries worldwide! You can find the foundations of our success in company strategies focused on quality and environment policies.

Browse this website to read all the quality certifications Contital got in the last twenty years; such as national and international certificates regarding both the processing procedures and the characteristics of the products. All of this makes us a successful company not only for its numbers but also for the quality that distinguishes us. Our work allows us to get 9,000 tons of aluminium annually, that are transformed into several products: from standard or customizable pans to rolls!

How many other aluminium foil manufacturers can achieve these standards? If you choose our products for food or culinary you can get the value and the guarantees of a brand appreciated by thousands of companies around the world! Trust the versatility, strength and health of products in aluminium by Contital, you discover a new way to preserve the freshness of your food. For more information on the catalog of products and related service supplies contact us using the contact details on this website.

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