#AluminiumPeople: Manuel Palmiero, Customer Care Manager

Interview with Manuel Palmiero: Contital Customer Care Manager

Today we meet Manuel Palmiero, Contital Customer Care Manager, brilliantly graduated in Economics and Finance and He is a great fan of Napoli Football Club.

Hi Manuel! You have been here for almost 2 years and half: we are curious to discover more about you.

Who is Manuel Palmiero? Which are your hobbies and passions?

Manuel Palmiero is a 25-year-old guy with a great passion for finance and innovation. A person who constantly works to improve himself, with the desire to prove that even in Naples, and in Campania, Industry can be successfully made; that innovation is a hard but not impossible challenge.


We read about you on the newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”: your wrote a letter about the difficulties students face when seeking a job, especially in the South of Italy. Then you met Contital, a subsidiary of Laminazione Sottile Group: would you tell us more about your encounter meeting?

This is probably the funniest part of my path in Laminazione Sottile Group, I’m going to tell you about:

I had just completed an experience in La Doria Group, within Corporate Finance, I was leaving for Ravenna after I found a job  as raw material trader for an american multinational corporation, but the case wanted me to get in touch with Luca Moschini, President of Contital, to whom I submitted my resume with a short presentation. Unexpectedly, he replied. He asked me to make an appointment for a simple “talk”, because there were no open positions. After nearly an hour I was telling about my experiences, my passions and competences, Luca Moschini told me: “Okay, I understand. You know what you say and you’ll definitely do so, I tell you that, at 22 years, you have to go away from here and get a Master in Milan or London, then do what you like abroad . That’s what I would say to my son. If you’re crazy and you want to stay here, tomorrow go to Capua and I’ll let you meet with a manager. You will start from there.”

It was just like this: driven by the will to give a contribution to an industrial Group in the South of Italy, my adventure in Contital began; and now It’s 2 years and 3 months of exciting work.


Today you are Customer Care Manager for Contital: how do you deal with the responsibilities of your role?

My responsibilities to entities, property or top management have always been the same: I face them with calm and serenity, with the awareness that the work done with the right application always leads to improved results. Having gained this role and these responsibilities is the example that with hard work, and with so much passion, you can reach all possible goals; but, of course, this is just the first step of a very long path.


Is there any project you are particularly tied to? Ambitions for the future?

There are several projects that I have been following in these two years, I would like to talk about the latest one through which we have digitized (and are increasingly digitizing) all the operational activities related to the acquisition and administration of orders. We have created a more effective customer management system, both for our internal and external sales network. We have thus released our Customer Care office from exclusively operational works by launching another redefinition of business activities that will provide us greater sales boost on agents and customers.

The ambition is always to improve: be faster and rely on automated systems that are the key to competitiveness in the next future.


Contital is Europe’s leading distributor of aluminum containers, what makes the difference in such a complex market?

With almost 30 years of history, Contital has become a leader in aluminium storage containers market, with significant growth margins both in Italy and abroad. Our market is competitive, very complex, but we are able to respond efficiently to the needs of all our customers. The difference in the market depends on Quality, Service and Price. With the strong investments of recent years we are now at an ever-increasing level with regard to all the Marketing Mix levers: this is why thousands of customers choose Contital every year.


Describe with only one adjective (and why):

Stubborn: what matters is the achievement of the goal, you should stop only when it is reached.

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