Aluminium foil containers

Aluminium foil containers are used for storing food in kitchens all over the world. The preferable size of the roll allows to tear off the quantity of product that you need, without waste. The use of aluminium for food preservation is supported by scientific studies carried out in prestigious laboratories and universities all over the world. Contital closely monitors developments in the field of science regarding the use of aluminium in the food industry. For this reason we can offer to the market, aluminium foil containers of high quality, standards-compliant promoted by the international community: our target is to offer to the customers usable products that also are compatible with the relevant guidelines for health. Get in touch with us using the contact details provided on this web site: we will give you detailed information about our products and the supply services offered by Contital.

Contital aluminium foil containers

Contital’s staff is ready to identify the best type of supply for you. In our society situated in Pignataro Maggiore, we produce different variants of aluminium foil container, but we can also organize the production according to your needs, so you will receive customized products. There are few companies specialized in the creation and distribution of trays and aluminium containers capable of valuing customer requests how Contital does. Thanks to a production area equipped with over 30 presses and 400 prints, we can manage the processing of aluminium according to the specific requests of customers. The result is a product that meets quality, design and durability standards! If you want to find out more details on the aluminium foil containers and other Contital’s products browse the many sections of this website or get in touch with us via the contact details provided on line.

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