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Aluminium foil food containers are widely used in various sectors of the food industry. They are appreciated for food packaging but also serving or storing ready meals. In addition, aluminium food containers are flexible and hygienic.

Moreover, aluminium is a highly reusable material for many cycles, aluminium storage containers don’t damage the environment when recycled carefully, this product is made according to high quality standards approved by the international community. This is a prerequisite to make sure aluminium food containers are reliable and safe in homes as well as in procedures managed in the big food companies. We have invested over twenty years of activity to promote a product with excellent properties!

Why choose our aluminium food containers?

Aluminium food containersContital aluminium storage containers are a guarantee if you’re looking for useful and sturdy storage solutions that make a difference in restaurant activities! Why choose our aluminium foil food containers? For the accuracy of the design serving the most demanding needs and ensuring a high quality property. More than this, if you have special needs you can contact Contital and require customized aluminium containers for food : you can decide their form and apply the logo of your company! Contital is the ideal partner for supplies of aluminium containers for food used in catering or food distribution. We assure you a product with outstanding, unmatched qualities plus the usual precision of Contital about the delivery times!

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