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Are you looking for a supplier of aluminium food packaging but you want the safety of using a high-quality product? Contital is a leading manufacturer of disposable food packaging , we supply more than 40 countries worldwide! You can use our aluminium trays or foils that are thoroughly processed, you will have at your disposal a reliable and performing item in kitchen, in the food industry and restaurants or fast food. Contact us to define the right aluminium food packaging for your needs! Our technical staff is ready to help you: we can plan the best restock strategy for your company, discover all Contital services made available to the customers!

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The disposable food packaging is a product used in domestic kitchens and in professional ones. It’s a guarantee of hygiene, strength and health in contact with any food. In fact aluminium food packaging is usable to store food both as trays and as rolls, ensuring the conservation of food taste and aroma. However if you want a perfect preservation of your food you shouldn’t use aluminium food packaging with foods with a high acid content; this could result in the release of damaging substances in food. As a whole, studies accredited by research centres all over the world confirm that aluminium is one of the most suitable materials for food preservation since, except in rare cases, it does not develop dangerous substances in contact therewith.

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In Contital we act every day towards the research and development of disposable food packaging ever more efficient and safe to use in kitchens without any health risk. For more information, get in touch with us via the contact details provided on this web site!

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