Aluminium in food


Aluminium food containers are suitable for the preparation of various kinds of food and are ideal for use by take away and restaurants. They preserve freshness and taste and are widely used by the airline industry. In addition, aluminium food containers are 100% recyclables.

Aluminium in food: containers market

Aluminium can be used in containers and trays production. These products can be used for oven cooking and grilling because they are very strong and light weight. Aluminium trays have a lot of advantages. Due to the high thermal conductivity, aluminium is excellent for cooking and satisfies all the different requirements for replenishment, conservation and cooking. In addition, aluminium has the ability to protect foods from oxygen, humidity and contaminants, prolonging the shelf-life and preserving freshness and taste. Aluminium can be used to manufacture single-use containers and cans in different shapes.

Aluminium in food: Contital production

Contital is the European leader in aluminium food containers. We supply over 40 countries worldwide with the highest quality products and innovative packaging solution for the food industry. We can provide different types of aluminium trays to satisfy customersโ€™ most diverse requirements.

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