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Calabria โ€“ Lemon Crostata Recipe


4 cups of flour

9 whole eggs

2 cups of sugar

5 oz of butter

A little bit of baking powder

The filling

3 lemons

2 whole eggs

1 cup of sugar

ยฝ cup of flour

1 tablespoon of corn-starch

2 cups of cold water

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Directions for the crust

Mix flavour and water. Add all ingredients until dough begins to clump. Wrap the dough in our Contital plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Directions for the cream

Peel a lemon. Combine in a pot and place on low heat water, sugar and lemon zest. Add lemon juice and whisk constantly until mixture thickens. Remove from heat, add eggs and beat on high with a mixer for 3 minutes, until frothy. Add 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.


Remove dough from fridge, roll ยพ of the dough and place it in the centre of the Contital Happy Day tray. Using your fingers, spread it out. Place the filling in the crust and use the remaining roll to make strips for the top of the crostata. Pre-heat oven to 350ยฐ for 45-50m. Remove from the oven and let cool.

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