Takeaway containers

Takeaway containers are more popular than ever. Almost all deli shops and restaurants now offer a takeout or delivery option for meals, snacks and drinks. That increase has coincided with the development of green packaging. Sustainable packaging uses environmentally manufacturing methods and recyclable materials for the purpose of different packaging solutions, so that the package has low impact on the environment and the packaging process consumes minimum energy. (more…)

Takeaway food containers

A new study released by the University of Manchester estimates that in European Union the global takeaway food market is growing fast, with a projected value of over £80 billion in 2020. The researchers say that people use 2025 million takeaway containers each year but not of them are recyclable: we could have negative impacts on the global environment. (more…)

Aluminium used in food containers: advantages and benefits

Aluminium is used in food containers for different reasons: it provides a very good barrier to protect food against light and air and preserves food quality; it can be recycled and designed individually according to customers’ requirements; it can be produced in different sizes and shapes. In addition, aluminium is a lightweight material and for this reason it has a positive effect on the production costs. (more…)

Reducing food waste with aluminium foil containers

Studies commissioned by FAO estimated that every year 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is lost. Food wasted have negative environmental impacts because of the natural resources used to produce food that no one consumes. Aluminium packaging can contribute to less food waste. Choosing aluminium foil containers can be the right choice to preserve food instead of throwing it away. (more…)

Disposable Food Containers & Takeaway Containers

Nowadays the vast majority of people buy takeaway lunch. But it’s necessary to choose a good quality of disposable food containers to guarantee an appropriate food storage. Aluminium containers protect food against light, humidity and contaminants, prolonging the shelf life and preserving freshness and taste. (more…)

Aluminium containers in the microwave

Aluminium containers can be used to pack food because they are safe for use in direct contact with food. To store aggressive foods (salty or acid) the best solution are the lacquered aluminium trays. In addition, aluminium provides a 100% water and gas barrier. More than this, all trays are 100% recyclable.

Aluminium containers can be also used for oven cooking because this material distributes heat homogeneously avoiding the risk of cracking or melting the container. (more…)


Are aluminium containers safe?

Aluminium food containers are often used to cook or reheat food. Aluminium is a good conductor and distributes heat homogeneously, improving the cooking of food in the oven. In addition, aluminium trays can be used in the microwave under certain conditions and plain trays can also be used on the BBQ. Moreover, almost all aluminium products are 100%recyclable. (more…)

Customization and high performances for our aluminum storage containers

We’re always ready to answer the customer’s needs, our aluminum food containers are designed according to the market changes: the Contital’s catalogue has a wide range of trays and other types of aluminum food containers where you can choose the right option for your business applications. (more…)

Contital Professional aluminum food containers

Our Comprehensive range of aluminum food containers has been designed with consideration for our customers and the environment. They offer a convenient, cost effective method of packing a very wide variety of food types. All trays are produced to the highest standards and conform to European and FDA regulations. (more…)

Find out the Technology of Aluminium Food Containers

Contital provides a comprehensive range of packaging solution for industrial manufacturers of food and for the food service industry. We have invested over the years in new product development: our objective is give the market innovation through high performance of aluminium food containers (more…)
Aluminum storage containers good design

The customization of Aluminum Foil Roll and others Contital’s Products

Contital offers a professional line of aluminum products intended to be used in professional environments such as kitchens of restaurants or hotels. Our goal is to provide efficient trays and aluminum foil roll, they are really useful for food cocking, storing and serving! (more…)

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