Aluminium platters for oven

aluminium platter oven

Thanks to their oval and elongated shape, aluminium platters are mainly used for ready meals during ceremonies or events. In particular, they are often chosen by caterers to offer sweet and savory foods during buffets organized for birthday, graduation, baptism or other parties. Usually this type of trays is used for leavened products, from bread […]


Baking pan: benefits of using aluminium

baking pan

The main use of baking pans is the preparation of pizzas, focaccias and yeast-leavened products.ย  Considering this, aluminium can be the ideal material for a container like that: it is particularly resistant, an excellent thermal conductor and distributes heat evenly, guaranteeing perfect cooking in all types of traditional ovens. Thanks to these properties, aluminum can […]


What are aluminium containers used for?

aluminium containers

Aluminium container can be used in different ways based on the reason for which it was purchased. Obviously the main reason why you buy an aluminium tray is to contain food; but, it is essential to remember what are the possible uses of a container. In fact, it can:


Takeaway foil containers

takeaway foil container

By takeaway foil container we mean a packaging that can be used during the take away service; which can, therefore, transport ready meals from the place that cooked them to the home of the person who placed the order. There are many businesses that offer this type of service: restaurants, delicatessens, pizzerias, cafeterias, etc. However, […]


What single-use trays can you use in a microwave oven?

single-use trays for microwave

Can you put single-use trays in the microwave? It depends on the material. For example, disposable aluminium trays can also be put in the microwave oven to heat up ready meals. Equally this type of container can also go in the traditional oven: these uses are just some of the advantages of single-use aluminum containers. […]


Commercial aluminium plates

aluminium plates

New product ranges are always created in response to different commercial requests; the latter are obviously influenced by the market which in turn reflects the change in use and consumer needs. As a consequence of recent commercial needs, we have seen new product lines appear on the market, such as those of aluminium plates. They […]


Aluminium baking cups

pirottini alluminio

Aluminium foil containers include a wide range of trays of different sizes, dimensions, in plain or lacquered version. Among these are the aluminium baking cups: wrinklewall containers of small dimensions, circular shape and G-shaped edge.


Aluminium pizza pan

teglie in alluminio pizza

The aluminium pizza pan is an aluminum foil containers used to make homemade pizza. For this purpose, two types of containers are usually used: rectangular and round. The first type is used by lovers of the so-called pizza pan, while the second container is mainly chosen by those who seek, even at home, to reproduce […]


Round aluminium tray with lid

Contenitore alluminio tondo

There are several varieties of round aluminium trays that can be closed with special lids. In particular, this type of container is mainly used for cooking cakes or other types of sweet recipes. In fact, being an excellent conductor, aluminium distributes heat evenly improving the cooking of food in traditional ovens. Furthermore, the convenience of […]


What are the characteristics of a good food container?

vaschette alimentari

In recent years, also due to the pandemic, the demand for food containers has grown enormously. However, the choice of the most suitable food trays is strongly influenced by many factors, first of all the period of ecological transition we are experiencing. In fact, the need to use an environmentally friendly container is now seen […]

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