Single-portion aluminium trays

single-use aluminium tray

In recent years, buying habits are changing, reflecting the needs of the new generations. Consequently, food consumption is also evolving, widely influencing spending and the choice of what to eat and cook. Home cooking and low-priced products seem to be the basis of new food preferences; followed by a strong reflection on food waste which […]


Aluminium containers with clear lids

Aluminium containers with clear lid

Aluminium containers with clear lids combine practicality and reliability, representing a safe, hygienic and resistant solution suitable for storing and transporting any types of food. The possibility of sealing trays with trasparent closures also allows you to see the recipes prepared, inspiring a feeling of trust in the customer who can see the freshness of […]


How can we use aluminium foil trays?

Aluminium foil tray

Aluminium foil trays can be used for several applications and for this reason they can be used for both industrial and domestic use. Their use can vary based on the foods with which they come into contact since the lacquered aluminium container can be used with any type of food, even extremely acidic or salty […]


Can aluminium tray be used in microwave?

aluminium trays microwave

Some of the most common doubts concern the correct way to use, clean, recycle or avoid risks associated with the use of aluminium trays. In fact, one of the main concerns is about the use of containers and, in particular, the possibility of putting the aluminum tray in the microwave. Can aluminium tray be used […]


Large aluminium foil container: when to use it

Large aluminium foil container

It would seem that the choice between a large aluminium foil container and a medium or small one may depend solely on the needs and use. In reality there are several reasons why it would be better to use a large aluminium tray rather than a smaller one: Efficiency for certain events: large aluminium containers […]


Sizes of aluminium foil containers

aluminium foil containers sizes

Aluminium foil containers can be of different sizes and formats based on the portions they must contain. Usually the portions range from a minimum of one to a maximum of twelve; this means that the containers can also be used to prepare a large quantity of food to be consumed at parties or events.


Aluminum foil pizza pans

aluminum foil pizza pans

Pizza is one of the most popular foods and, above all, it is one of the most prepared recipes at home. It is no coincidence that sourdough starter and flour are still among the best-selling products in supermarkets today, even after the lockdown. But to make a good pizza it is essential to choose a […]


Aluminium platters for oven

aluminium platter oven

Thanks to their oval and elongated shape, aluminium platters are mainly used for ready meals during ceremonies or events. In particular, they are often chosen by caterers to offer sweet and savory foods during buffets organized for birthday, graduation, baptism or other parties. Usually this type of trays is used for leavened products, from bread […]


Baking pan: benefits of using aluminium

baking pan

The main use of baking pans is the preparation of pizzas, focaccias and yeast-leavened products.ย  Considering this, aluminium can be the ideal material for a container like that: it is particularly resistant, an excellent thermal conductor and distributes heat evenly, guaranteeing perfect cooking in all types of traditional ovens. Thanks to these properties, aluminum can […]


What are aluminium containers used for?

aluminium containers

Aluminium container can be used in different ways based on the reason for which it was purchased. Obviously the main reason why you buy an aluminium tray is to contain food; but, it is essential to remember what are the possible uses of a container. In fact, it can:

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