The benefits from aluminium food containers

Aluminium is a barrier to the damp, oxygen and bacteria. In the kitchens It can extend the life cycle of food  keeping unchanged its characteristics. The aluminium food containers means money saving but reliability and safety also. Our company is specialized in the manufacturing of aluminium products, so we can create a customizable food containers: we open the possibility of choosing the design, the graphic customization and other characteristics.

In the food industry, the aluminium food containers are indispensable because they guarantee hygienic and tasty food. Thanks to the possibilities of customization the aluminium food containers can be a real marketing tool!

To give the high quality our customer we use chemical treatment that make the surfaces of food containers clean and odourless. All of our product are manufactured according to the directions of CE, this is another condition that increases the value of our brand in the aluminium manufacturing industry! If you want to know more information, please get in touch with us via the contact details available on our Web site.

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