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Aluminium baking cups

Aluminium foil containers include a wide range of trays of different sizes, dimensions, in plain or lacquered version. Among these are the aluminium baking cups: wrinklewall containers of small dimensions, circular shape and G-shaped edge.
This product is usually used to prepare puddings, cupcakes or cakes, both sweet and savoury; for this reason it must be able to be put in the traditional oven to cook food or it must be able to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer to shape the prepared desserts. Cooking and conservation are fundamental elements for peolpe who choose to use baking cups since these containers are usually single-portion and as such they must have a perfect aesthetic result as soon as they are ready.

Aluminium baking cups for muffins

In particular, if we think of aluminium baking cups, we identify them as ideal containers for cooking muffins. Why? Thanks to the properties of the material that composes them. In fact, aluminium:

  • distributes heat evenly,
  • has a high temperature resistance,
  • it’s malleable allowing the product to acquire the typical shape of this dessert,
  • it can be used to cook products both in the traditional oven and in the microwave oven.

Contital produces a range of aluminium baking cups for muffins and other foods: the Flan line. The containers are made with the Bake-eeze system which prevents food from sticking to the tray without having to grease it with added fat. Thanks to our vegetable lubricant, food waste is also avoided.

Our Aluminium cups can be made in a wide range of colors and can be closed with special lids in recyclable material. All the products in the Flan range are obviously 100 percent and infinitely recyclable. These features make Contital aluminium baking cups perfect for the final consumer, the food industry, pastry shops and delicatessens.

For more information on the Flan line, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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