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Baking pan: benefits of using aluminium

The main use of baking pans is the preparation of pizzas, focaccias and yeast-leavened products.ย  Considering this, aluminium can be the ideal material for a container like that: it is particularly resistant, an excellent thermal conductor and distributes heat evenly, guaranteeing perfect cooking in all types of traditional ovens. Thanks to these properties, aluminum can be used in both static and ventilated ovens and the pan can be placed on any shelf: upper, to have a more cooked crust, lower, to have a crunchier base. In addition, aluminium is easily workable and can be used to make trays of different shapes and sizes and with a more or less thin thickness.

How do you clean aluminium baking pans?

Once used to cook any type of sweet or savory recipe, you may have doubts about how to clean aluminium pans. The answer depends on the type of container used: if we have purchased a single-use tray, it will be necessary to eliminate any type of organic residue before rolling it into a ball and throwing it into the appropriate separate collection bin; if, on the other hand, we have used a reusable container, just rinse it and dry it again before using it again.

Contital offers different Wrinklewall and Smoothwall single-use aluminium trays and Semi Smoothwall reusable containers. All types can be used to cook pizzas or other types of recipes in the traditional oven. In particular, the Happy Day line (Semi Smoothwall containers) is characterized by a thickness that gives the pan a certain rigidity and is also equipped with a smooth, non-stick bottom, ideal for avoiding food waste.

For more information on our ranges of aluminium baking pans, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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