Aluminium container with lid

Can aluminum containers be closed with special lids? Absolutely yes. The use of a lid allows easier transport of disposable food trays, protects food from external agents and keeps it warm if needed.

The use of containers with lids has increased particularly in the last year due to  the COVID-19 pandemic. During the 2020, in fact, the phenomenon of food delivery has grown and consequently also the use of take-away trays.

Types of containers with lids

Aluminum containers with lids can be of different types and based on these, the closure used may also vary. The wrinklewall trays in plain or lacquered aluminum can be closed with cardboard / aluminum lids both with L and G rims. On the other hand, the smoothwall containers in plain or lacquered aluminium, can be closed with PET lids. Whatever type you choose, these products represent an excellent solution for the transport of hot and cold food, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. In addition, we must not forget that, once the lid has been removed, the aluminum container can be put in the traditional and microwave oven to reheat the food.

Contital supplies numerous aluminum containers with lids according to the different needs of the end customer, individuals or businesses. The company produces both wrinklewall and smoothwall trays, all available with the appropriate closures.


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