Is it safe to put aluminum containers in the oven?

Aluminum containers are perfect for storing and preserving food because they are light-weight and strong. Aluminium protects foods from oxygen, humidity and contaminants and it’s ideal for low-acid and low-salty foods.

More than this, with appropriate coatings, all aluminium food containers can withstand retort pasteurization and sterilization processes and resist acid and salty food corrosion. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

Aluminum containers: can you use them in the oven?

Aluminium containers can be used for oven cooking. Aluminum, being a good conductor, homogeneously distributes heat, improving the cooking of food in the oven. There is no risk of cracking, melting, charring or burning.

Contital aluminium food containers

Contital provides aluminium trays ideal for sweet and savoury bakery products. All containers are produced to the highest standards and conform to European and FDA regulations. Our comprehensive range of trays has been designed with consideration for our customers and the environment. If you want more info about our products, please subscribe to our Newsletter!

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