Aluminium containers suppliers

Aluminium containers suppliers: sustainable and innovative packaging

Nowadays aluminium containers suppliers have to offer a great variety of sustainable and innovative packaging. Sustainable food packaging is a type of packaging that, over time, helps to impact the ecological footprint, reducing the waste. So it can be reused or recycled after the consumption of the product that it protect. The demand for this type of packaging is continuing to increase as consumers are becoming more aware and in tune with the lifecycle and environmental impact of the products they purchase. In addition, consumer’s eye has to be attracted by the right packaging design because of the growing proliferation of multiple different brands. For this reasons companies are now not only seeking sustainable solutions but are also aiming to create packaging that is in keeping with modern design innovations.

Aluminium containers for food: some advantages

Aluminium can be the right solution to create a sustainable and innovative packaging thanks to its several properties. Aluminium food packaging offers a complete protection against bacteria, light, oxygen and micro-organisms. The aluminium barrier also plays the essential role of keeping the contents fresh and guaranteeing a long shelf-life. More than this it’s a lightweight and malleable metal, and it is easy to customize with a low environmental impact. In addition, aluminium is 100% recyclable. For all these reasons the main aluminium containers suppliers are choosing this material to realize a wide variety of trays.

Aluminium foil food containers

The demand for aluminium foil continued to increase significantly in recent years. Approximately 75% of European aluminium foil is used for packaging and in particular for food trays. Contital can supply different types of alu foil containers providing a perfect solution for the food industry: smoothwall, semi smoothwall and wrinklewall aluminium containers have been designed with consideration for environment and customers. Contact us to discover more!

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