aluminium foil containers sizes

Sizes of aluminium foil containers

Aluminium foil containers can be of different sizes and formats based on the portions they must contain. Usually the portions range from a minimum of one to a maximum of twelve; this means that the containers can also be used to prepare a large quantity of food to be consumed at parties or events.

In fact, thanks to the characteristics of the material they are made of, aluminium trays are perfect for containing both hot and cold ready meals. Given that, in recent years, the consumption of takeaway and delivery food has significantly increased, this type of container represents the ideal solution for all professionals in the sector looking for functional packaging.

Aluminium trays in the oven

Aluminium trays have several advantages. Not only are they available in several sizes to be used on different occasions proving particularly functional, but they can also be used in multiple ways:

  • To cook food in the ovev
  • To reheat ready-made dishes in the microwave
  • To store already cooked foods in the refrigerator
  • To freeze leftover food in the freezer

These characteristics make aluminium products the perfect choice both for restaurants, which provide home delivery services, and for consumers who need food containers to use at home.

Large aluminium foil containers

The size of the trays is one of the substantial differences between the containers sought by restaurateurs and those purchased by consumers. The former, in fact, prefer large aluminium trays to create ready meals containing multiple portions. Usually this choice is made both for a question of time and economy; in both cases, in fact, it is better to prepare large quantities of food in a single moment and then divide it subsequently according to request.

Contital supplies aluminium foil containers of different sizes, large and small, based on the destination and final use. To get an idea of โ€‹โ€‹our products, take a look at the online catalog and choose the format that best suits your needs!

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