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Aluminium foil roll: the perfect tool in the food industry

The Aluminium foil roll is the perfect tool for the flexible packaging. A little amount of product gives high performances for the food packaging. Why choose aluminium foil roll to keep fresh the food? This material  has specific characteristics that make the difference such as the minimal thickness thanks to which you can store the food saving space in the fridge. Furthermore, the aluminium foil roll is a reliable barrier against light, oxygen and humidity: that’s the reason why your food will be always tasty!

The aluminium is a lightweight metal that improve the fresh keeping of food, so your best dishes will be tasty as freshly cooked! Thanks to the aluminium foil roll you can reduce the wastes, how? Eating part of food and keeping fresh the remainder.

The aluminium foil roll is the best option in the food industry ‘cause it works very well as food packaging: thanks to the aluminium foil roll, in fact, the package is simply to open, this is an important characteristic for the consumers. Our aluminium foil roll allows you to create an high performer product! Do you want to know more info? Get in touch with us through the contact details available on our Website!

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