Aluminium food containers with lids

Aluminium food containers with lids protect food against oxygen, humidity and light for a long time and in particular they eliminate cooking smells. In addition, aluminium food containers with lids are ideal to transport hot and cold foods: meet, fish, pasta and others.

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Advantages of aluminium containers with lids

Lids can be used to reduce food waste. After eating a big meal you can put aluminium container with its lid in the fridge. The lid will play the essential role of keeping the contents fresh. If at a later stage you want to put the tray in the microwave, aluminium lid must be removed before use it and product has to be placed in the middle of the oven as we said in our previous article.

Aluminium food containers with lids by Contital

Contital can provide aluminium trays with aluminium, plastic or lined foil board lids. Containers and lids can have different sizes and shapes (rectangular and circular). In addition, company supplies flexible lidding film that provide a leak proof hermetic pack and are widely used to seal smoothwall trays. More than this, Contital offers aluminium lids for the airline industry.

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