teglie in alluminio pizza

Aluminium pizza pan

The aluminium pizza pan is an aluminum foil containers used to make homemade pizza. For this purpose, two types of containers are usually used: rectangular and round. The first type is used by lovers of the so-called pizza pan, while the second container is mainly chosen by those who seek, even at home, to reproduce a pizza similar to the one eaten in restaurants. Beyond the shape of the tray, the characteristics to keep in mind are the same for everyone: the hydration, processing and leavening of the dough. Just as the favorite ingredients are tomato, mozzarella and a basil leaf. Another fundamental element for the preparation of pizza is the oven, electric or wood-burning; despite the fact that the first is the most used among those who cook it at home.

Aluminium Baking Tray

Why are aluminium containers chosen for cooking pizza? Undoubtedly due to the properties of this material which, being a good conductor, guarantees homogeneous cooking of food; as well as allowing cooking in different types of ovens – traditional or microwave -. In fact, aluminium trays can be used to cook pizza in the oven both in a round and square shape.

Round aluminium trays for pizza

Since round aluminum trays are the favorites for preparing pizza, Contital offers the Happy Day range, reusable and extra-rigid semi-smoothwall containers, with a closed edge that guarantees greater grip safety. Furthermore, the Happy Days have a smooth bottom and inner side, ideal for guaranteeing non-stick cooking. Alternatively, Contital also offers the C290G, a circular wrinklewall container with G edge and 290mm diameter, perfect for cooking a thin and round pizza.


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