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Aluminium platters for oven

Thanks to their oval and elongated shape, aluminium platters are mainly used for ready meals during ceremonies or events. In particular, they are often chosen by caterers to offer sweet and savory foods during buffets organized for birthday, graduation, baptism or other parties. Usually this type of trays is used for leavened products, from bread to pizza to pastry desserts, or sandwiches, rolls and timbales. Aluminium platters are particularly convenient as they are transportable and presentable; but, one of their advantages is also that they can be put in the oven to heat food before serving it. Aluminium, in fact, is an excellent heat conductor and, if subjected to high temperatures, distributes heat evenly improving cooking or reheating of food.

Single use aluminium platters

In addition to being able to be put in the traditional oven, aluminium platters also have another feature: they are single use. This means that once used, they do not require storage, but can simply be thrown away. What makes this connotation positive is the awareness of getting rid of a material – aluminium – which is 100 percent recyclable. Throwing away a single use aluminium platters doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. Just like aluminium trays, platters can also be destined for separate waste collection to be recycled and reused again. Indeed, another peculiarity of aluminium is the possibility of being recycled indefinitely without losing properties: ideal for its reuse in other items.

Contital produces aluminium platters of different sizes useful for any type of catering and suitable for heating food in traditional ovens or microwaves. All trays are single use and infinitely recyclable without a decline in the quality of the finished product.

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