Aluminium Platters

Aluminium platters have the same technical characteristics of the most popular food containers, but their oval or round shape make them more suitable for buffets and aperitifs. They can be used to serve Italian fried mozzarella cheese sticks or other types of finger food. Furthermore, if oval, they are easily transportable at home, for a family party, or in a restaurant, during a more formal event. In addition, if they are used for a buffet, their elongated shape makes them more pleasing to the eye than the classic aluminum trays.

Disposable aluminium platters

Disposable aluminium platters can be used once and then thrown away. This might seem like a waste of resources but we have to consider the exceptional properties of aluminum. It is 100 percent infinitely recyclable, using only 5 percent of the energy required for the production of the primary one. This means that more and more everyday objects are made with recycled material but have exactly the same properties as primary aluminum.

Contital aluminium platters

The increase in the demand for this product led Contital to launch on the market new platters sizes, ideal for catering sector. The company provides 3 news special products in the category Speciality containers and platters: small – V350G – medium – V430G – e large – V550G –.

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