Aluminium storage containers: features and advantages of use

Contital offers to its customers the aluminium storage containers with best quality/price ratio; the use of innovative technology improves the performance of their manufacturing plants and at the same time protects the environment. The design of the molds is designed to limit the consumption of raw materials and, therefore, the production waste aluminum.

What are the main characteristics of aluminium?


The aluminium storage containers are very light and reduce transport costs during the process distribution. The packaging is collected and reused in new processing of raw materials.


These products respond well to high temperatures without deformation, and the foods retain the original taste. The aluminum prevents the passage of light and the absorption of fats, oils and liquids.


The thin oxide film on the surface of solid metal (aluminum) does not allow the bacteria and micro-organisms from sticking to the container and food.

The aluminium storage containers are used daily by households and companies (conservation, delis, food industry, canteens, restaurants, fast-food etc …) as they reduce the cooking time, the heating and cooling of foods.

A big saving of time, is not it?

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