Aluminium Storage Containers for your Business

Contital is international leader of single-use aluminum storage containers manufacturing. Our products are exported in over 40 countries where they are much valued because of their features. Contital’s aluminium storage containers are very pratical and reliable, this is the reason why they are often used in cafè, bistrot and food stores! For example, if you sell cooked food, you’ll discover a lot of advantages using the single-use aluminium storage containers. Thanks to this product it’s easier to transport the food and keep fresh its taste and aroma. We have a wide selection of aluminium food storage containers, so you can choose the right option about colour, sizes, format and others features.

Aluminum storage containers

One of greats characteristics of our aluminium containers is the versatility, why? Simply because this product can be used in different professional context without preoccupations about healthiness. You can use our aluminium storage containers in the microwave oven or in the fridge, your food will be flawless! Our company produce solutions for storing food for 25 years, every day in Contital’s laboratories are designed new products that increase the performances of food storing: our objective is to lead the market through giving our customer the very best. Do you want to know more about Contital’s aluminium food container selection? Please, get in touch with us via the contact details available on our Website, we’ll be happy to explain you the features of our products.

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