Aluminium trays in the microwave

Can aluminium trays go in the microwave oven? Yes. According to the results of the German research institute Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, the use of aluminum trays in the microwave oven does not represent contraindications and it’s completely safe. The institute has conducted more than 200 tests on several microwaves and aluminum containers containing different types of food – eggs, meat, pasta -. The result was always positive. Indeed, according to the study, there are a lot of advantages in heating food cooked in the microwave thanks to aluminium trays including the homogeneous distribution of heat and the visual appearance.

How should I place the aluminum container in the microwave?

Everything that has been stated in the previous paragraph is valid as long as a precise indication is followed: you have to place only one aluminium container in the middle of the turntable in the microwave, without a lid and without it coming into contact with the walls of the oven. There’s just one negative note: heating times for aluminium trays are sometimes longer then PET containers.

Can all types of aluminum containers go in the microwave?

Yeah, both plain and lacquered aluminum trays can go in the microwave. Obviously, the choice must be made based on the food you need to re-heat. We must always remember that to heat highly acidic or salty foods – eg. tomato or lemon -, it is necessary to use lacquered aluminum containers.

Contital can supply both plain and lacquered aluminum containers to use in the microwave oven. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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