Aluminium trays with clear lids

In the last two years, due to COVID-19, we have seen the spread of both takeaways and food delivery. Even now, despite the easing of restrictions, people seem not to be very inclined to eat at restaurants, preferring instead to lunch or dinner in their own apartments.All this has led to an increase in the sales of aluminium trays with clear lids. Why? First of all, aluminum is a material that protects food from light, humidity and contaminants while preserving its taste and aroma. Thanks to these features, the containers are an excellent solution for transporting cold and hot food. Obviously, to make the transport safer, the trays must be closed with special lids able to protect the quality of the meals. So what are the advantages of clear lids?
-Protect food from external agents during delivery
– Allow the consumer to immediately identify what he ordered, avoiding unpleasant misunderstandings with the riders
– Make the transport of containers handier

Trays with lids: Contital solutions

Contital, a company that has been working in the food packaging sector for many years, produces different types of aluminum trays with clear lids. In particular, Smoothwall range represents the ideal solution for food delivery and takeaways. In plain or lacquered aluminium, these containers are available in different sizes – from 1 to 8 portions -, and can be closed with clear and pre-formed lids. Both the trays and the lids are eco-friendly as they are recyclable. Furthermore, the Smoothwall line can be used both in the traditional oven and in the microwave oven to heat food just ordered.

If you are interested in our aluminium trays with transparent lid, do not hesitate to contact us!

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