Aluminum containers for meat, poultry and sea-food

Before talking about aluminum containers for meat, poultry and sea-food, it’s important to get an overview of what has happened and is still happening in the agrifood sector. According to the latest analysis published by FAO’s Food Outlook regarding the most marketed foodstuffs, such as meat, fish, sugar, cereals and oils, Covid-19 has influenced and will continue to influence the agrifood market for several months. In particular, we can read in the report that, since January 2020, the international prices of the meat market have fallen by 8.6% and there has been a drop especially in the consumption of sheep meat, followed by poultry, pork and beef. All this happened because of a declining total meat demand and a large quantity of meat remained unsold. Speaking of sea-food market, according to the report, the most affected sectors since the beginning of the year have been those of shrimp – minus 30/40% – and salmon  – minus 15%  –. No changes are expected in the coming years.

From this information it is clear that for the large-scale retail trade and not only, the quality of the sold products is becoming increasingly important to prevent that a bad product proposal could further penalize the current crisis.

Why could aluminium food containers be the right choice?

Aluminium containers could be the right packaging for meat, poultry and sea-food. Why? They are 100% infinitely recyclable, food safe and guarantee a longer shelf life because aluminium offers protection against bacteria, light, oxygen and microorganism, keeping food fresh.


Aluminium Containers for Meat&Sea-Food Brochure



Contital aluminium containers for meat, poultry and sea-food

Contital supplies aluminium foil containers for meat, poultry and sea-food. The range of products consists of standard – Smoothwall trays including B5 and B6 size – and special formats – suitable for chicken -, also available with a lid.

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