Aluminum Trays

Circular or rectangular, the aluminum trays has a higher resistance than the classic aluminum foil containers to ensure homogeneous heating of food and keep it safe during the transport. Indeed, they are used to heat food in the traditional oven or to keep it cold and fresh while in transit to a picnic or campsite. This could be a wonderful idea to share carefree moments with friends and relatives. For this reason, trays are usually used to prepare pizzas, savory or sweet cakes.

Disposable aluminium trays

Some types of aluminium trays can be reused if they are thoroughly rinsed off with fresh water. But disposable aluminium trays can be used ones. Usually, they are have these characteristics: lanced or clean cut holes, ridged base; and they are used to cook sausage, kebab and ribs on a grill.

Aluminium Platters and trays

Contital supplies aluminium platters and professional trays for the catering sector, large retailers and Cash&Carry. They are part of our specialty trays and are available in square and circular shapes. In addition, the company also produces aluminum containers of multiple sizes and suitable for the most different needs.

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