Can aluminium foil containers go in the freezer?

The use of aluminium food containers is regulated by the Italian Ministerial Decree 18 April nr. 76. It explains the best way to use aluminium trays to ensure compliance with health and safety law.

It’s explicitly written into the Decree that plain aluminium containers can be in safe contact with non-acidic or salt-free food for more than 24 hours if put in the freezer. What does it mean? Aluminium trays can go in the freezer to maintains quality of the food, reduce food waste and let you meal prepared in a second moment. Besides, remember that you if you use lacquered aluminium containers, you can freeze all kinds of food.

Freezing food in aluminium food containers

As a result of we’ve just written if we can put aluminium containers in the freezer, freezing food can be a good idea. This information can be very useful if you love having food on hand for when you want a home-cooked meal but don’t have the energy or time to actually cook a meal from scratch, or if you need to put a cake in the freezer to cool it.

Contital, leading company in the production and manufacturing of aluminium food containers, can supply both plain aluminium trays and lacquered aluminium trays. They can be all put in the freezer and can be used to freeze food. Of course, Contital food containers are produced to the highest standards and conform to European and FDA regulations.

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