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Can aluminium tray be used in microwave?

Some of the most common doubts concern the correct way to use, clean, recycle or avoid risks associated with the use of aluminium trays. In fact, one of the main concerns is about the use of containers and, in particular, the possibility of putting the aluminum tray in the microwave. Can aluminium tray be used in microwave? Absolutely yes.This information can be particularly useful given that the microwave oven is now used very frequently in everyday life. Knowing you can use a tray in the microwave can be particularly interesting for:

  • Reheating ready meals: The microwave is commonly used to reheat leftovers or previously prepared meals, such as pasta, soups, cooked vegetables, rice, etc.
  • Cook foods in a healthier way: many vegetables can be cooked quickly and without added fat. They can be steamed in suitable containers or simply wrapped in cling film to preserve the humidity.
  • Melt ingredients to use in other recipes: the microwave is useful for melting butter, softening ice cream or cheese, and melting chocolate for preparing desserts.
  • Prepare mug cakes: there are many recipes that allow you to cook cakes in cups or flan containers in the microwave. For example puddings, brownies and biscuits; ideal when you have a little time

What type of aluminium container can I put in the microwave?

Although an aluminium tray can be put in the microwave, it is important to be careful of its shape and size. You have to remember to use a container that is smaller than the turntable so that it can be positioned in the center without protruding from the edges, and to choose a container that is large enough not to touch the walls of the microwave during heating or cooking food.

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