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What are the characteristics of a good food container?

In recent years, also due to the pandemic, the demand for food containers has grown enormously. However, the choice of the most suitable food trays is strongly influenced by many factors, first of all the period of ecological transition we are experiencing. In fact, the need to use an environmentally friendly container is now seen as indispensable both for food sector activities and for consumers. But besides sustainability, what are the other characteristics of a good food container?

    • They must be able to transport food safely
    • They must preserve the taste and aroma of the food both during transport and in the period between sale and purchase
    • They can be used to store food (even in the fridge and freezer)
    • They can be used to heat foods giving them new life

Single-use food trays

There are several single-use food trays that partially or totally meet these needs. And, in particular, there is one type which, thanks to the material of which it is made, seems to fully represent the needs of the market: aluminum foil containers. In fact, they can be sealed with PET or laminated cardbord lids during the transport of food; and they are also suitable for freezing as well as for cooking in the traditional oven and in the microwave oven.

Clear plastic food tray

In addition to aluminum containers, there are also clear plastic food tray. Although they’re not suitable for heating food, they’re often preferred by consumers because, being resealable with hinged lids, they are suitable for transporting meals and being transparent, they allow the buyer to see the recipes before proceeding with the purchase.

Contital, a company that has been working in the world of food packaging for more than thirty years, manufactures and supplies various types of food trays, both single-use aluminum containers and clear plastic trays. Of multiple shapes and sizes, our products differ to satisfy the demands of industries, gastronomies and final consumers.

To get an idea of โ€‹โ€‹our food trays, don’t hesitate to browse the online catalogue.

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