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Commercial aluminium plates

New product ranges are always created in response to different commercial requests; the latter are obviously influenced by the market which in turn reflects the change in use and consumer needs. As a consequence of recent commercial needs, we have seen new product lines appear on the market, such as those of aluminium plates. They have been proposed to respond to one of the latest European Union directives that has hit hard the diffusion of non-recyclable, compostable or biodegradable disposable products. In fact, aluminium is particularly suitable to replace these materials as it’s 100 percent and infinitely recyclable.

Single-use aluminium plates

To comply with the points indicated in the European directive, Contital has launched an innovative range of aluminium plates on the market. This line not only has the intrinsic properties of aluminium – the circular material par excellence – but has also been made with 100 percent recycled aluminium, representing a perfect example of sustainable single-use product. Thanks to the material they are made of, the plates can be used to heat food in the traditional or microwave oven and can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer to consume the food at a later time. Contital range also includes different shapes and versions: square or circular; silver or lacquered/white. The latter can also contain acidic or salty foods. Intercepting one of the latest commercial requests that sees food delivery on the rise, the plates can also be closed with special lids to transport food in complete safety.


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