Contital Professional aluminum food containers

Our Comprehensive range of aluminum food containers has been designed with consideration for our customers and the environment. They offer a convenient, cost effective method of packing a very wide variety of food types. All trays are produced to the highest standards and conform to European and FDA regulations. We give all type of customers a product ready to make the difference in their business applications. Trust and quality are the proposals in every day laboratory activities, we want to create a product that improves the work flow of the customers as well as respecting the importance of envirnoment policies.

The aluminum food containers by Contital are specifically designed for the food industry, so they work as a reliable support in the professional kitchen where flexibility and durability are very requested. We study the work flow of professional context where aluminum food containers are more used, in this way we can define new technical standards thanks to which it’s possibile to get a better food conservation during the transport and other circumstances. Do you want to know more  about Contital aluminum food containers? Get in touch with us via the contact details available on line.

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