Delivery Aluminium Containers

Safe, comfortable and practical. During the Covid-19 epidemic, we witnessed an exponential growth in food delivery, which spread to limit mass gatherings and to allow restaurants to survive despite the numerous closures imposed by the Government.

By delivery, we mean a courier service in which stores, restaurants, or third-party applications delivers food to consumers on demand. In order to transport food in compliance with the health and hygiene regulations in force, restaurateurs have chosen the most suitable delivery containers based on consumer requests.

To offer this service, several merchants have chosen aluminum trays. This happened for many reasons: aluminum is a safe material in contact with food; protects food from light and external agents; it has a high heat capacity that maintains the heat of food for a long time; and if needed, it can go in the traditional oven or microwave to further heat the ordered food.

Takeaway food containers

Contital is a company that can provide a wide range of delivery and takeaway aluminium containers (takeaway is a service that has also spread in recent months and consists in restaurants that prepare food that can be collected to be eaten off the premises). In fact, to meet new market demands, the company has designed a range of extra-rigid Smoothwall trays, which can be closed with special PET lids; and created Eclipse, a new line of black and gold containers for haute cuisine.


To have more information about Contital takeaway and delivery aluminium containers, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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