Disposable aluminium plates

Where did the idea of ​​creating the innovative range of disposable aluminum plates come from? Over the last few years, food restaurant delivery has represented the solution for many businesses that have managed to maintain a balance between supply and demand. The entire disposable sector, of any material, has benefited from it and, in particular, aluminium has conquered a large market share thanks to its multiple application possibilities.
To respond to new trends and provide restaurateurs with packaging that was functional but also aesthetically appealing, we have created the disposable recycled aluminum plates.
The disposable plates line is made of 100 percent recycled aluminum and is totally recyclable. Suitable for storage and refrigeration, for heating food in both traditional and microwave ovens; the range is available in square and circular shapes and in lacquered or silver versions. It can also be closed with pre-formed lids in recyclable material and, in the case of square plates, sealed with a liquid-saving film (traditional and organic).

Aluminium Plates for food

Based on current commercial demands, the aluminum plates have been made of extra rigid material to ensure safe food transport. Convenient, practical and resistant, they can be thrown in the separate collection even if dirty. This feature makes them a disposable product ideal for use away from home, by the sea and in the mountains.
Lastly, our plates for food are available in different lines – professional, consumer, industry – precisely to satisfy the different demands of the market. If you are interested in our disposable aluminum plates, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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