Disposable aluminum platters

To present your sweet or savory creations with practicality but also with elegance, the solution can be the use of a disposable aluminum platter. Functional but different from the usual disposable containers, an aluminum platter guarantees excellent performance without sacrificing aesthetics. Ideal for buffets, aperitifs or afternoon and evening parties, this product can be used both for serving snacks and for heating prepackaged and ready-to-cook foods. This is possible thanks to the properties of aluminum: a material that can be used in both traditional and microwave ovens and which, being an excellent conductor of heat, allows for faster and more homogeneous cooking.

Aluminum platters measures

The sizes of disposable aluminum platters vary according to needs and uses. Contital, a company that has been working in the field of food packaging since 1991, can provide different types of platters: small – V350G – medium – V430G – and large – V550G -. These formats are particularly suitable for the restaurant and catering sector, as well as for personal use.

Contital aluminum platters are not only practical and functional, but thanks to the material they are made of, they are also 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.

However, you must follow some guidelines to use these products in the best possible way: being of plain aluminum it is preferable not to use them in contact with strongly acidic or salty foods; it is recommended to rinse them before disposing of them in the appropriate separate collection indicated by the municipality to which you belong.


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