Disposable aluminum tray

Disposable aluminum tray usually refers to the most common disposable aluminum food container. The difference often lies in the strength of the product. Generally the trays are characterized by solid edges and stable bases, ideal for containing multiple types of dough or dish. Moreover, thanks to the material that composes them  – the aluminum –, disposable trays can be used to keep food that has not been consumed in the fridge or freezer or can be used to reheat the leftovers of the day before in the microwave or in the traditional oven.

Disposable aluminum tray in the oven

So can disposable aluminum trays be used in the oven? Absolutely yes. This depends on aluminum, a material that is a good conductor of heat and can also be subjected to high temperatures such as those of the traditional oven. Indeed, it must be specified that aluminum distributes the heat evenly, ensuring perfect uniform cooking. The same advantages can also be applied to the microwave oven, as long as some precautions are followed. It is good, in fact, to remember that the tray must never touch the walls of the oven.

Contital is a company that has been producing and distributing a large variety of disposable aluminum trays for thirty years. Round or square, in bare or lacquered aluminum, the trays of our company differ in shape and type in order to provide customers with the product they need most.

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