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Use of disposable aluminum trays in the oven

The main use of disposable aluminum trays is in the oven. This is because they are mainly used for baking sweets or savory recipes. Their size may vary depending on the dimension of the household appliance or the number of people you have as guests, as well as the shapes – circular or rectangular – which change according to the specialty to be prepared.

In fact, the round trays are used above all for cooking pizzas or focaccias; the rectangular ones, on the other hand, are mainly chosen to bake desserts such as plumcakes. Why are most of these trays made of aluminum? The use of aluminum is often linked to the food preparation or storage since it is a particularly light material and conducts heat evenly, preventing the food from burning. Furthermore, aluminum protects food by extending its shelf life and acting as a barrier against bacteria, mold and external microorganisms.

Is it safe to use aluminum trays?

In 2012 the Joint expert committee on food additives of the food established that the tolerable weekly dose of aluminum intake is equal to 2 milligrams per kilo of body weight. So,it has been estimated that a 70 kg man can ingest up to 140 milligrams of aluminum per week without any health problems. Having established this, according to further analyzes conducted by the Bfr (the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and the European Union, the aluminum transferred into the body via packaging products and food is at very low levels, not representing a risk for Health.
Having analyzed the facts, now, you just have to choose the disposable aluminum tray that best suits your baking recipes!


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