Disposable Food Containers & Takeaway Containers

Nowadays the vast majority of people buy takeaway lunch. But it’s necessary to choose a good quality of disposable food containers to guarantee an appropriate food storage. Aluminium containers protect food against light, humidity and contaminants, prolonging the shelf life and preserving freshness and taste.

Takeaway Food: the advantage of using disposable food containers

Disposable aluminium trays can be used to cook, store and transport different types of food: meet, fish, pasta, pizza, bakery products, vegetables and so on. Disposable aluminium containers have such an important quality: they are not afraid of thermal shock. For this reason they can be used for oven cooking but also to put food in the fridge. More than this, aluminium containers are light-weight and strong: they are perfect for storing and preserving food.

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Contital disposable trays

Contital is leading European based manufacturer of disposable aluminium and PET trays, supplying over 40 Countries worldwide with the highest quality products. All our aluminium containers has been designed with consideration for our customers.

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