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Enviromental Policies By Contital

Contital is a modern company and gives great importance to the case of eco-sustainability. Our aluminum foil roll and trays are produced with quality methodologies that reduce waste and emissions. Who chooses the aluminum foil roll by Contital must be aware that he is not only investing in a very efficient and durable product but also in a solution that respects the environment and transfers its environmental properties in your activities.

Every day in Contital laboratories numerous experiments are performed by our technicians to obtain a more efficient and comfortable products, but at the same time we optimize the environmental impact. Aluminium is a recyclable material and we want to fully exploit this potential! Our company is certified by EMAS, it demonstrates the attention to environmental cases, we are the market leader in the manufactoring of aluminum foil roll and trays, so we want to be an example for the competitors but also for the customers who choose our products. It is no coincidence that on the aluminum foil roll packaging there is the logo of recycling, as we want to catch the attention of consumer about this issue. Do you want more informations about the Contital’s environmental policies ? Connect to our website or get in touch with us via the contact details avaliable on line.

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