Food delivery

The spread of COVID-19 have radically changed our lifestyles and habits: restaurants, clubs and bars have been closed and replaced by large quantity of home-cooked meals. The only exception: food delivery. The only possible alternative to a well-established food routine seems to be ordering food on the phone, online or in-app. To meet this need, the world of food delivery has begun to understand how to handle requests reducing the risk of person-to-person infection.

Food delivery containers 

How to transport food safely? What can be used to deliver the ordered food in the best possible way? Aluminium containers could be the right choice. Why? Aluminum creates a real protective barrier against bacteria, humidity, oxygen, U.V. rays, odors, proliferation of mold and fungi. In addition, this material prolongs the shelf-life of the product by keeping it fresh for a long time.

Microwave food takeaway containers

What makes aluminum containers even more interesting is their wide use. Indeed, aluminium trays can be put in the traditional and microwave oven to allow consumers to reheat food. So, aluminium containers can be used for takeaway service because they have a lot of benefits: they offer protection to the product and can be used in the microwave improving the final consumer experience.

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