Reducing food waste with aluminium foil containers

Studies commissioned by FAO estimated that every year 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is lost. Food wasted have negative environmental impacts because of the natural resources used to produce food that no one consumes. Aluminium packaging can contribute to less food waste. Choosing aluminium foil containers can be the right choice to preserve food instead of throwing it away.

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Aluminium food containers: why choose them?

Aluminium foil containers preserve product flavour, aroma and temperature without taint. A lacquer can be applied to both the inside and outside of the tray to increase product shelf-life and resistance against salt and acid. Some aluminium containers can be closed with aluminium lids to keep food fresh for longer. In addition, disposable aluminium trays can be stored in the fridge or put in the microwave or traditional oven.

Contital against food waste

Contital actively contribute to fight food waste with a campaign called #NoTasteToWaste. In addition, it has patented Bake-eezeยฎ, a new solution that allow an easy release of product to minimize food waste. More than this, all aluminium containers are 100% recyclable.

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