Freeze food in aluminium trays

Can you safely freeze food in aluminium trays? Yes, aluminium containers can be stored in the freezer. There are several reasons why it might be useful to have this information. In fact, you may want to store aluminum trays in the freezer for:

  • Storing uneaten food
  • Preserving pre-cooked food
  • Storing a cake to cool it as indicated by the recipe you are preparing

For all these reasons and many others, it can be useful to know that food in contact with aluminum foil isn’t bad for your health if placed in the freezer even for more than 24 hours.

Which aluminum food containers can be placed in the freezer?

All food trays can be placed in the freezer. Our advice is to use plain aluminum containers to store dry foods and lacquered aluminum trays for highly acidic or salty foods such as lemons, tomatoes, bechamel. Before storing them, the trays can be closed with special flat aluminum lids, suitable to protect the prepared meals.

Aluminum foil food trays, which ones to buy?

Contital, a company specializing in food packaging for more than thirty years, produces a variety of plain and lacquered aluminum foil food trays, obviously also suitable for going to the freezer. Of different sizes – from 1 to 8 portions – and shapes – rectangular, circular and special formats – Contital containers can also be used in the refrigerator, microwave oven and traditional one.


If you are interested in our products take a look at our catalog or send an email to sales@contital.com

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