Heat sealable food containers

Heat sealable food containers provide a leak proof hermetic pack. This characteristic makes them an optimal packaging for a wide variety of products including fish, seafood, meat, chicken and fruit; but above all they are ideally suited for ready meal packaging. The heat sealing can be improved by a lacquer, applied to both the side and outside of the aluminium foil container, that can also increase the aesthetic enhancement of the tray.

Advantages of takeaway food trays

Heat sealable aluminium containers are a perfect example of takeaway food packaging. Thatโ€™s because of the countless advantages of these trays:

  • Increase product shelf life thanks to a technique called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) that replaces the air inside the pack with gas typically oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen.
  • Improve product presentation because the food decay more slowly and look healthier.
  • Protect food during transportation and storage
  • Theyโ€™re customizable because you can apply a label on the film container to promote your brand

Typology of heat sealable food containers

Flexible lidding films are widely used to seal the Smoothwall range of trays. Contital can provide a great variety of films to suit customer needs. For example peel seal to extend shelf life, or anti fog to enhance product visibility. To have more info about our heat sealable aluminium containers, donโ€™t hesitate to contact us!

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