Heat sealable food trays

Heat Sealable food Trays can be sealed with flexible lidding films that provide a leak proof hermetic pack. The variety of films available is varied to suit customer needs. For example, peel or weld seal, extended shelf life, anti fog for enhanced product visibility. In addition, the film may be printed for company identity or consumer instructions and oven films are available for moisture retention whilst cooking.

Which type of tray is heat sealable?

Usually, heat sealable food trays are made of aluminum and, in particular, belongs to the range of Smoothwall containers. They are perfect for packaging high quality ‘ready to cook’ convenience products including red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, BBQ food and desserts. The containers have a smooth rim that can be lidded with film to provide a leak proof pack for food preservation over a long shelf life. In addition, they can also be lidded with plastic clip-on lids.

Smoothwall containers: ideal heat sealable food trays

Contital, a company that has been working in the food industry since 1991, produces and distributes a wide range of Smoothwall containers that can be heat-sealed to extend the life of food and to ensure the safe transport of ready-to-eat food. Available in plain or lacquered aluminum, these trays are 100 percent recyclable and endlessly. To receive more information about our heat sealable food trays, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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