How to separate aluminium trays correctly in Italy?

We often read information regarding the benefits of separate waste collection, yet we often still have doubts about wow to separate aluminium trays correctly. For this reason we have decided to give you some simple guidelines to better understand how to protect the environment and its important natural resources by properly recycling aluminium.
First of all it’s important to understand that in Italy this material almost always collects together with plastic and glass. The collection can be carried out through street bins or with the condominium or door-to-door system. However, all the provisions change according to the city and, more precisely, according to the Municipality to which you belong.

Having established this, what does the separate collection of aluminum include?

    • Food trays and cans,
    • Beverage cans and bottles,
    • Spray cans,
    • Tubes for food and health products,
    • Healthcare and cosmetic products,
    • Chocolate foil
    • Kitchen roll,
    • Caps, capsules and different closures


Before throwing these products away, it’s not necessary to wash them, as long as they are free of residues of the contained product. Everything can be thrown away, even the smallest pieces as long as they are compacted and rolled up before being thrown into the appropriate bin.

Why is it important to understand how to separate aluminium trays?

Understanding where to throw an aluminum container is essential to make a correct separate collection. But what are the advantages?

  • Energy saving,
  • Saving of raw materials
  • Protection of environmental resources

All this can be possible thanks to the characteristics of aluminum: a material that can be recycled 100 percent and infinitely with no loss of its inherent properties or downgrade in material integrity.


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