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International reliability of Contital’s product

Contital is international brand known for the production of aluminum foil roll and the aluminum food containers . In fact the Contital’s products are directed at the food industry, in particular to companies active in the field of catering.

Since Contital has a professional target, aluminum foil roll and the aluminum food containers are designed and manufactured to be very practical and durable. For this reason the Contital’s products are suitable to prepare, cook and preserve food quality and safety, that are the common factors in all our products.
We only use raw guaranteed, our aluminum food containers and aluminum foil roll undergo rigorous compliance testing. Each of our products is certified by international standards, that’s because we want to give our customers the guarantee of an excellent investment in relation to the many uses of aluminum food containers and aluminum foil roll in the kitchen.

The headquarters of Contital is organized in Italy, it is a modern industrial complex that annually produces tons of aluminum products. We export our products to over 40 countries worldwide. The position of Contital on national and international market is getting stronger, in fact there are more and more public and private companies in the field of catering who choose us as a partner for the supply of aluminum food containers and aluminum foil roll. If you also want to become part of our customers fully satisfied, please get in touch with us via the contact information available on our website!

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