Pasquale Pollice, interview

Interview with Pasquale Pollice, Contital Commercial Director

We want to congratulate Pasquale Pollice, Contital Commercial Director, on the appointment as Vice-President of the EAFA Container Group (European Aluminium Foil Association).

Here a conversation with him on his new role and the direction chosen by Contital.

How important is this appointment for Contital?

Pasquale Pollice: Beyond my personal satisfaction, this role is really significant because it puts the Company in a front line position in the activity of an Association of such undisputed value.

What will be the contribution you intend to make to the EAFA Container Group?

Pasquale Pollice: I will definitely try to contribute through my work experience gained in 25 years in the world of aluminum containers. However one of the concrete activities I want to propose at once is to monitor the imports of aluminum containers from non-European countries, in order to understand the volumes and the effects on the European market.

As Contital Commercial Director, what do you think is the Company’s policy regarding the topics of environmental sustainability and the fight against food waste?

Pasquale Pollice: Our company has always been committed to create a sustainable economic development, and we are one of the first firms in this sector to concretely deal with the theme of sustainability.

That’s why we are very proud to show our commitment to respect the environment through the ISO 14001 environmental management certification and the voluntary EMAS certification, that implies the publication of our Environmental Declaration, summary of all initiatives carried out to increase our Company’s and products’ sustainability.

Concerning the fight against food waste, I think an increased awareness of the shortage of natural resources and the need to improve food storage systems are the main keys to be focused by modern society, in order to contrast the negative effects of the problem.

As a Company we made our contribution through educational initiatives in schools to increase the topic awareness. These were carried out together with some of our customers in the catering sector, which use our containers for food packaging.

 What are Contital goals for next future?

Pasquale Pollice: We plan to develop new technologies and products to realize a more sustainable, functional and affordable packaging, because the real challenge we have to face in the next years is to compete with emerging markets and alternative materials.

The strong point of aluminium is in its technical features (lightness, ductility, resistance, recyclability), that always make it a unique packaging solution for many applications in the primary sectors of food industry.

That’s why, in the eyes of a potential buyer searching for an efficient industrial packaging solution, aluminium will be always considered as a good alternative to other competitive materials.

 What is the direction of the new projects?

Pasquale Pollice: We are developing new ranges of products to differentiate from competitors and to compete in market up to now reserved to other materials than aluminium.

We believe that only through a continuous innovation we can increase our market share, with interesting margins for the company. Manufacturing only goods already considered as commodities, without any innovative products with higher value added, would mean to jeopardise Contital’s future development.

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