Made in Italy: aluminium products

Quality of raw material and food safety are the two most important factors in choosing a company that supplies aluminium food products. So it’s necessary to know the country of origin of the product and its production process because the traceability is an important issue to preserve the integrity of the manufacturer’s product and protect the consumer. For all these reasons, Contital is proud to affirms that its new range of aluminium plates has been entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

How this can be possible? Contital is part of Laminazione Sottile Group, European leader in the production of rolled aluminium for food packaging. Our Group has an integrated production process starting from the melting of primary and recycled aluminium, then transformed into bare and lacquered rolled aluminium, up to the moulding of products suitable for food contact.

Focus of our new range: the Made in Italy Aluminium Plates

Aluminium plates are 100% Made in Italy. They have been conceived for catering industry, Mass Market Retailers and final consumers; and have been developed with specific technical characteristics to ensure strength despite the low thickness and to withstand the stress of transportation, sealing and storage.

The plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes: round – deep, soup, flat and dessert plate – and square – extra deep, soup, multipurpose -. In addition, they can be produced in various colours, both internally and externally. Besides this, our plates are made of aluminium: an infinitely recyclable material.

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