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Manufacturers of aluminium food containers

The last few years have been particular for manufacturers of aluminium food containers. This type of market, in fact, often needs to be renewed with proposals that meet the new requests of a constantly changing sector.Being able to interpret market trends is always essential for choosing the products to offer and it’s undeniable that currently requests go towards aluminum trays suitable for food delivery sector. In particular, a single-use product must guarantee high safety and hygiene measures and must be respectful of the environment.

The production of Contital aluminium containers

To meet the needs of buyers and consumers, Contital, one of the leading European manufacturers of aluminium food containers, is constantly working on product lines that can meet specific needs in terms of formats or applications.

So, as a response to the needs intercepted in recent years, the company is launching a specific line for Food Delivery on the market, mainly made up of Smoothwall aluminium trays, which can be closed with lids in recyclable material, and Wrinklewall aluminium containers which can be closed with special laminated cardboard lids. All with the aim of producing products that can be suitable for transporting food in complete safety.

Attesting to Contital’s commitment and seriousness are the numerous certifications that the company has, including the BRC – Packaging Materials, a global standard attestation that guarantees the safety, legal compliance and quality of products in the packaging sector and in sectors derived from it. Contital is also the official Ambassador of the Carta Etica del Packaging Foundation, an association created to disseminate, support and protect the culture of packaging.


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