Non-stick aluminium containers

Incredibly popular but difficult to find, real non-stick aluminium food containers offer an easy and convenient way of cooking. For this reason Contital has realized the new Folded line, composed of non-stick trays. There’s also the related benefit of saving time in the kitchen for the consumer. Why? Non-stick trays have a lot of benefits. Here some examples.

Advantages of non-stick containers

Non-stick containers combine performance and aesthetics because if food doesn’t stick, your dishes will appear more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, non-stick aluminium trays guarantee an uniform heat distribution and are 100% recyclable. Non-stick aluminium containers are easy to clean and wash because you don’t run the risk of having food stuck to either sides or base. The health factor is even more important. Before non-sticks, the consumer had to use a lot of oil or butter in a container to keep food from sticking. With non-stick containers, one can use little or no oil at all, which is of great importance to anyone concerned about diet and health in general.

Contital non-stick aluminium containers

Contital Folded line is composed of non-stick aluminium containers. These trays are manufactured with Bake-eeze® system, a patented solution providing excellent non-stick  properties to containers. Thanks to this system, Folded containers are perfect for food industry, gourmet gastronomy, pastry shops and home-consumers. More than this, Folded trays can be customized in a wide range of colours and/or printed according to customer’s request.

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