Non-stick revolution of Contital containers

Study and research on innovative solutions are the basis upon which Contital has always worked.

That’s why the R&D Department of Laminazione Sottile Group is constantly committed to improve the aluminium containers’ characteristics.

Perhaps not everyone knows that, before the molding of an aluminium container, the laminate is lubricated with vegetable or mineral oils which are approved by Pharmacopoeia and suitable for food contact.

The innovative project, conducted on behalf of Contital by the Research and Development Department of Laminazione Sottile Group, is carried out to introduce a new antisticking lubricant adding a new natural and food-approved additive, so as to have an easy food detachment from the pan after cooking.

In order to adopt this new lubricant Contital has also filed a patent application and soon also the commercial brand of the new antisticking aluminium container will be filed.


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